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Cleaning Business Bootcamp Can Help You . . .

Build sustainable and scalable systems and processes.

Create a consistent flow of leads into your business without needing to use paid ads or go door-to-door.

Stop working "in" your business so that you can focus spending your time working "on" your business.

Build Scalable Systems

Consistently Attract New Clients

Grow Profitable Revenue

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Why Should I Join The

Cleaning Business


As a former Pastor and current Teacher, Jeremy has a heart for helping people grow.

He’s a successful business owner; and currently owns 3 online-based businesses and has started and grown 2 others.

Since 2016 he’s built and grown Dyer’s Media, a digital marketing agency. In that time DM has worked with over 83 clients, generating almost 800k leads.

By leveraging strong systems and digital marketing skills, Jeremy has grown his cleaning business from 1 to 23 locations in one year while increasing revenue over 1100%.

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Learn Inside the Cleaning Business Bootcamp

Business Models

You’ll learn exactly what type of business model is best for you, your family and your circumstances.

Setting Up Your Business Legally

You’ll learn to set up your business correctly to avoid attracting unwanted attention from the government.

Hiring Processes & Procedures

You’ll learn the repeatable process that our HR Manager uses on a daily basis to find and hire amazing team members that are experienced and ready to work.

Creating Cleaning Packages and Pricing

You’ll learn how we package our cleaning offerings and how we price them to maximize profitability.

Building and Optimizing Your Website with Proprietary Strategies

You’ll learn how to build your own professional looking website that is set up to rank quickly in the Google search engine.

Specifically, you’ll learn about . . .

  • Main Page Optimization (Title, Description, H1)
  • Money Page SEO Content
  • Local and Industry Backlinks
  • City/Service pages
  • Neighborhood pages
  • Points of Interest pages
  • Google My Maps
  • YouTube Videos
  • Helpful Plugins

Google Business Profiles (local Google listing)

You’ll learn how to create and optimize your Google Business Profile (Google Listing) and the specific next-level steps to take in order to rank your listings in the Map Results. (This is where you find the most Gold in the training).

    Here’s Exactly What You WILL NOT Learn Inside the Cleaning Business Bootcamp

      How to clean. If you need some additional training on how to clean professionally, there’s a lot of YouTube videos available for that. The Cleaning Business Bootcamp will not teach you how to clean anything. But if you’re looking for help on how to grow my cleaning company, then we can certainly help you there!